What are RetroValves®?

Retrovalve® vacuum tube replacement devices
are 100% analog vacuum tube replacements
that offer the warm, fat, punchy sound
traditionally associated only with glass
vacuum tubes.

These pin-for-pin compatible direct
replacement devices enhance and extend the
performance of tube amplifiers of all vintages!


RetroValves® vs Vacuum Tubes

The vacuum tube was key to our modern technology and our history. Today, vacuum tube use is almost extinct due to advances in solid state technology. Yet vacuum tube use has not declined in audio applications. The dynamic “sound” of vacuum tube amplified devices is understood among tube audio enthusiasts.

RetroValves® are a unique alternative to glass vacuum tubes that have the dynamic sound, but with the advantages offered by solid-state.


Meet Doug Roberts

Doug has worked as an electrical design engineer for prominent medical electronics firms for 25+ years and is a cooperative holder of several utility patents for the first publicly offered automatic external defibrillators (AED’s).

Doug played guitar in heavy metal bands in the Seattle area from approximately 1981 to 1992 and worked exclusively with Mike Soldano on the formation of Mike’s first amplifier design(s)...

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