Doug Roberts is president and CEO of Roberts Audio Technologies
He is an electrical engineer who comes from a musical family; particularly a family of guitar players.
The Roberts Family
Doug Roberts - President & CEO of Roberts Audio Tech
Howard Roberts - Legendary Jazz Guitarist
Jay Roberts - Owner of Roberts Music Institute
Howard Roberts
Doug's late father Howard Roberts, is a legendary Jazz guitarist, music educator, and co-founder of the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), later known as Musicians Institute (MI). He was a renowned studio guitar player through the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Howard played on nearly 400 film scores and more than 2,000 record albums, not to mention over 20 albums of his own.

A short list of Howard's credits include:

On his record dates, he lent his talent to such artists as Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, Duane Eddy, The Monkees, Jimmy Smith, The Beach Boys, Rick Nelson, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, The Electric Prunes, and even Chet Atkins.

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Learn more at Howard Roberts' Site.
Jay Roberts
Doug's brother Jay is also a professional guitar player, educator, and currently owns and operates Roberts Music Institute in Bellevue Washington.

Doug Roberts
Doug works as an electrical design engineer in the medical industry and is a cooperative holder of several utility patents for the first publicly offered automatic external defibrillators (AED's).

Doug played guitar in rock bands in the Seattle area for many years and worked exclusively with Mike Soldano on the formation of Mike's first amplifier design(s)…in fact, Mike Soldano hand built Doug's first custom guitar and they both designed and hand-built two identical custom tube amplifiers which were the genesis for Soldano's legendary amplifier history.

Growing up in LA as a the oldest son of Howard Roberts, Doug had the opportunity to experience LA movie and recording studio work hang out with the likes of Les Paul, BB King, Dave Grusin, Tom Scott, Robert Moog, Jack Marshall (Howards producer and music writer for the Munsters et al), and many members of the "wrecking crew" to name a very few. Doug's early experience growing up with the engineers and musicians that his father regularly exposed him to certainly contributed to Doug's engineering career path.

Doug has several US Patent and Trademark Office utility design patents:

  • 4,610,254 - Interactive portable defibrillator.
  • 4,619,265 - Interactive portable defibrillator including ECG detection circuit.
  • 5,773,961 - Dynamic load controller for a battery.
  • 5,889,388 - Circuitry for dynamically controlling capacitor charge based on battery capacity.
  • 7,286,060 - Indicators for vacuum tube replacement devices.
  • 7,408,401 - Vacuum tube replacement device, circuit and system.
  • 7,477,141 - Modulated vehicle safety light system.
  • 7,482,863 - Expanded performance and functions for vacuum tube replacement devices.
  • US8335326 - Communication Method for Vacuum Tube Replacement Devices
Doug's hobbies include scuba diving, rotary engine building, sand-railing, and acoustically disturbing his surroundings with guitars and amplifiers.

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